3 Ways To NOT Deal With Anxiety

March 9, 2015
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I know that I promised to write each and every week but it’s been hella busy since opening this portion of my blog. On the bright side though, everything should be steady now and you should be receiving more anxiety information each and every week. Perfect, right?

Today I really wanted to start off with something a little different and what I believe to be the most important thing when learning ways to deal with anxiety. Yes, you are “dealing” with your anxiety – not fighting it. I will get into that later on in this blog, but for now, let’s focus on some of my favourite ways to deal with anxiety, and they could even be considered natural remedies because these consist nothing but yourself and your brain. As much as I love a good time, sometimes you really need to reevaluate your priorities and if finding great ways to deal with anxiety and making your life easier means putting a stop to the partying, than you most certainly should. You need to weigh the pros and cons of partying vs. anxiety. Would you rather party and have awful anxiety that will only get worse? Or stop partying for now until you learn how to cope with your anxiety? Are you doing everything possible to keep yourself anxiety free?


If you’re smoking cigarettes, you are helping anxiety stay in your life. You are increasing the feelings in your body that are sensitive and essentially make those anxious feelings come on. If you are serious about wanting to end those awful panic attacks and find great ways to deal with anxiety, butting out your cigarettes is certainly somewhere to start. There’s no better motivation to smoking, than decreases those anxious feelings, and essentially anxiety attacks.


I have heard it time and time again that smoking marijuana helps and is an effective ways to deal with anxiety. False! In fact, it’s the worst thing for your anxiety and you will never hear someone within the health profession tell you to go smoke some weed when it comes to helping you cope with your anxiety. It may relax you for the moment, but you are most certainly doing more harm in the long run that will cause you worse anxiety in the future. So why not deal with your anxiety right now, instead of making it so much more unbearable in the years to come?


Like smoking weed, drinking can seem like one of the best ways to deal with anxiety, until you are further down the road. Drinking has the same effect as cigarettes and weed on your mental state and nerve system, which essentially is what causes these awful feelings. Cut drinking out of your life until you feel like your anxiety is under control. I’m a girl that certainly enjoys a good beer or cosmo from time to time, but when times get rough with my anxiety, I know what I need to do.

Sit down and think, are you doing everything that you can to help deal with your anxiety? Are you drinking every day? Smoking cigarettes? Smoking weed? Well, if you really want to find a great way to deal with your anxiety… you just have to do what you need to do to get better. Stop drinking, stop smoking and stop toking. It’s imperative that you take the necessary health approaches and chances within your life, to help yourself find ways to deal with anxiety.

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