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4 Secrets To Happy and Healthy Living

June 9, 2015
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I recently came across a new product, Instila Magnets, that takes inspirational words and places them on incredible pictures for meme magnets. I use them as a source of inspiration to plan a trip, or to keep me motivated for my road trip to Florida that will leave me in my happy place forever. I wanted to share some of my favourites with you because I believe that the inspirational words on them provide incredible life lessons that I have thoroughly practiced… And look at where I am now! You can be right along side with me. All you have to do is hear the inspirational quotes… Don’t just look at them.




The inspirational quotes on this picture basically sums it all up. In life, you need courage and I strongly believe that without it, you will never achieve your fullest potential. You need to be able to face life and the obstacles that come with it head on… And that will be the only way for you to bypass the bullshit life brings that will absolutely result in your greatest potential. Ram your booty into high gear, ladies and gents!




inspirational quotes, quotes about life, healthy living

Hallelujah! You guys know that I am all about being yourself. Hell! There is only one of you… Why would you change to be like everyone else? Bo-ring! I’ve never been a fan of hiding who I really am, and I actually go on the attack when someone tries to tell me that I’m “too loud” or “too crazy”. I’ll show you crazy, foo! For those of you who battle with people depicting you, these kind of quotes about life will come to you with incredible benefits and fabulous reminders to see everyone morning as you’re pulling your OJ out of the fridge. Make me some bacon and eggs while you’re at it too, please.



inspirational quotes, quotes about life, healthy living

I recently wrote a travel blog post about taking everyone opportunity that life hands you, especially to plan a trip. That’s when the most opportunities will come to you. I can’t tell you enough how much your life can change for the better when you finally start to take the endless opportunities that the world is seriously begging for you to take advantage of.  Get off yo’ booty and do something with your life! Healthy living starts within your mind. Remember that.



inspirational quotes, quotes about life, healthy living

Everyone has their own idea of what success is. For me, success isn’t about money… Cause if that was the case this broke girl would be the most unsuccessful of all! True story. Instead, success is about  being thoroughly happy with where you are at the current stage in your life. I don’t think many people feel successful as they are constantly reaching towards new goals. Listen, you can be successful while still trying to achieve more success.  I definitely didn’t get to where I am by not being courageous, not being myself, and not taking opportunity. These three inspirational words quotes lead the to final… Success.


Listen, ladies and gentlemen, this is what healthy living is all about! You can never have too many ways of inspiration, and I can’t be the only person who walks into someone’s house and immediately starts playing with the magnets that people have on their fridges. Don’t lie… You know you do it too. So yes… I did just give you life lessons and quotes about life through the inspirational quotes words on magnets. Don’t judge… You definitely love it!

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