Many of us say we want to break the stigma attached to mental health. Many of us say we are tired of being judged or treated differently because we suffer from mental health, but what are we doing to actually make a difference?

So, my question for you today is,

What do you actually do to help break the stigma?

This question has been on my mind for quite some time. What can I do to help mental illness? I recently participated in a fundraiser at Lutherwood Child’s Mental Health in Waterloo and I’m quite shocked how many people didn’t donate.

Now, I know – no one is required to donate or contribute in another way, nor does everyone have the means to do so. I should be grateful for the people who did donate – and I am. However, it got me thinking outside of the box.  anxiety symptoms, anxiety disorder, how to stop a panic attack, anxiety attacks, treatment for anxiety, dealing with anxiety, what is anxiety, signs of anxiety, natural anxiety remedies, depression and anxiety, social anxiety disorder, anxiety help, social anxiety, over coming anxiety, generalized anxiety disorder, symptoms of anxiety, coping with anxiety, treatment for anxiety, severe anxiety, social anxiety treatment, help with anxiety, anxiety cures, natural anxiety relief, how to treat anxiety, herbs for anxiety, what is an anxiety attack, symptoms of anxiety attack, how to cope with anxiety, panic attack symptoms, panic attacks, what is a panic attack, symptoms of panic attack, natural anxiety relief, mental wellness, 30 day self love journey, online course, depression, mental health, break the stigma, what can I do to help mental illness?

A dollar contribution to help people with mental illness is less than one Tim Hortons coffee a day. That’s also not to mention that you don’t have to spend a mere dime to help break the stigma. Instead, you can get involved; you can hashtag; you can talk about mental health online. There are so many options.

What shocked me the most is how many people suffer from mental illness, yet still didn’t contribute in one way or another.

This is for you.

This is your disease.

This is your  battle.

How are we supposed to break the stigma and change the way mental health is seen and treated if we, ourselves, can’t support the cause?

Aside from people who suffer from mental health, there were just as many people who knew someone who suffered from mental illness; just as many people who have seen the effects it has on someone’s life; seen it destroy their loved ones lives. Yet, they didn’t donate or contribute.

15 Ways to Help Break the Stigma

“What can I do to help mental illness?” I hope that’s what you’re thinking about after reading this blog post. After all, I want my words to provoke emotion so people see just how important it is that we all come together to break the stigma. So, next time you’re stuck wondering how you can make the world a better place, refer to this blog post and find the ways you can help break the stigma.

  1. Accept your mental illness and talk openly about it to help raise awareness
  2. Stop judging others who suffer from mental illness
  3. Change the language you use when talking about mental health
    • Say, “A person with a mental illness,” instead of, “Crazy”.
  4. Educate yourself and learn the facts associated with mental health
  5. Learn to listen – and truly listen
  6. Take people seriously when they’re talking about their struggles
  7. Break the silence
  8. Take a stand against inequality and bullying
  9. Start conversions about mental health on social media
  10. Fight back against the media when they portray mental health poorly
  11. Participate in a fundraiser
  12. Donate to the cause
  13. Do a Walk-a-Thon
  14. Start a discussion with friends and family who don’t understand
  15. Refer someone to Anxiety-gone to learn about mental health


Now, it’s your turn…

What do you do to help break the stigma?

I look forward to your responses and I hope we can come up with a list of options to help those suffering with mental health.