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Covering Up Sexual Assault in Families Is “Right”

June 2, 2016
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With the recent news about TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting star, Josh Duggar molesting young girls including some of his sisters, who in some cases were sleeping, it has me absolutely appalled about child abuse and why some people simply aren’t getting it – they aren’t fathoming that something has to be done. Here I am, being threatened with legal papers from some family members to get me to stop talking about the sexual abuse that occurred within my family, and more and more sexual assault stories keep breaking out in the media with the focus being on families hiding what is really happening behind closed doors.

Families do hide child abuse and sexual assault predators.

While not every family member, or even every family as a whole will cover up the sexual abuse occurring within their household, The 19 Kids and Counting molestation has only furthered my point that we all need to speak up, regardless if it is a family member who is the perpetrator, sexual assault, child abuse, emotional abusebecause there are a large amount of families that will go to great lengths to never allow the truth to be made public.  When no one knows about a predator, the predator can continue to go on and molest other victims.

If my story about the sexual assault on my sister wasn’t enough to convince you of this, the Josh Duggar molestation on young girls will.  It is alleged  that when the child abuse was discovered by the parents, they took appropriate measures  to address the situation. These “appropriate measures” apparently consisted of Josh being sent to build a house with someone. What in the world does that have to do with any of this child abuse, and even if the man was a mentor to Josh, what about all the young girls, including his sisters that were victims or the fact that Josh needs to face his consequences? The victims were ignored… By their own family; their own parents, and the predator was forgiven without having to deal with the situation he created.

All of these years of fame and money, and it has gone to someone and people who have essentially allowed for child abuse to continue, or at the very least, to be continually covered. The wife of Josh Duggar said that he confessed to her about the sexual assault he put on young girls about 2 years before he proposed. Is that not a long enough time for his wife to seek proper help for her sister-in-laws who have been victims, as well as all the others? Instead, the situation was pushed under the rug.

The truth is;

Families cover up child abuse.

Whether it’s ignoring the fact that these children have been robbed of their innocence, or pretending like it happened and will never occur again, or serving someone with legal papers, it is absolutely atrocious how many people will go to great lengths to never let the story of child abuse within their family known.

My theory is that if someone can molest their own siblings, they can molest their own children…. And with Josh having kids of his own, their protection needs to be of top priority.

Child molesters should not be able to be around any children. Period.

And shame on the person who argues this.

I believe that child abuse is even more ignored and hidden when the predator is in the family, just as this Josh Duggar situation, and my family’s situation. How many news stories do we have to put out there about for something to be done?

Families who do not seek proper actions against the perpetrator are just as guilty as the predator themselves because they are allowing for the situation to continue. They are aiding the crime.

The saddest thing is that just like the Jian Ghomeshi, Honey Boo Boo, Seventh Heaven Dad, Bill Cobsy and so many more, the focus on child abuse will slowly fade out of the media. It will, once again, be noticed then shoved under the rug, with no one making a change. This is an epidemic that has every opportunity to finally make a difference in the lives of children of child abuse, victims of sexual assault, and finally, make a difference in the lives of predators, forcing them to sit in a jail cell for an eternity before rotting in the fiery hells underneath us.

What do you think is a step towards making this change?

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