Don’t let the common misconceptions about tarot reading deter you from treating yourself to the experience. I recently indulged in an online tarot reading and what was revealed to me absolutely blew my mind.


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I’m a big believer is psychics, ghosts, spirits, and all that good stuff. But what shocked me is that my tarot reading wasn’t what you would typically think. I wasn’t surrounded by a crystal ball, nor did I have to participate in some weird voodoo seance. Instead, I logged onto my computer and started a Skype session.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. How do you get a tarot reading through Skype? I was just as skeptical as you. As a freelance writer, lifestyle blogger, and Youtuber for almost a decade, my entire life is online. The tarot reader really had her job cut out for her because she had to tell me things that couldn’t be found online.

And that, she did.


Luna from Luna Y Soul Tarot literally blew my mind away. She told me things that were in my mind and heart, and that I’ve never shared with anyone. The best part was the amount of clarity it gave me. Having a tarot reading provided me with a sense of relief, like everything jumbled in my brain finally made sense.


Tarot Reading for Anxiety Relief

You may be wondering how this relates to your panic disorder, so hear me out.

Fear, worry and anxiety are the most common symptoms every anxiety sufferer experiences.

We often experience these symptoms because of the unknown. With a tarot reading, you can improve your anxiety, and receive clarity and strength to move forward. Whether you’re dealing with difficult discussions, are battling something inside your mind or heart, or simply want some insight about where you stand in life, tarot reading is something to think about.


Honestly, I was probably more skeptical than you are right now. Like I said, everyone can know everything about my life. More importantly, I wouldn’t be writing this or sharing this online tarot reading with you if I didn’t think you’d benefit from it.

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