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My Panic Attacks Are Back With A Vengeance

October 3, 2013
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Today, I’m sharing a personal anxiety attack story with you. I honest to god have no idea what has been going on lately, but I have been having anxiety attacks left, right and center and considering I’m a girl that has been battling this since I was 7 years old and have learned to deter them, it’s quite surprising to hear this news. And trust me, I’m totally down and out right now. You know how you get once you have an anxiety attack? You get really down on yourself and then of course, fear them 100 times worse than you did 5 minutes ago? Yeah. I’m definitely in that mood. I am going to take the time to learn how to meditate with the Meditate Power program.

It’s been ever since the end of my last relationship; a relationship that caused me endless amounts of disappointment, stress and essentially, negative thoughts about myself and that combined with  my Grandpa’s death seemed to have brought my anxiety attacks back full force, and although I have done what I can to eliminate the bad from my life and feel extremely happy, I still seem to have them.

So I sit here and ponder, why? Oh, why’s. Aren’t they something that absorbs our minds the majority of the time? Why am I still having anxiety attacks when I essentially feel so great? It’s like they are just… coming. They have come back with a mind of its own and its been extremely difficult to deal with. I mean, heck! I’m having anxiety attacks in my own house… at the doctors… in the car…. like, every effin possible scenario.

What do I do now? Well, it’s time that I do not, in any way, shape or form, stop doing things because of my anxiety. I have to keep going and use the tools that I have learned over the years that will help me manage my anxiety because managing the attacks will essentially get rid of them. This all happens because once you learn that you can get through them without anything happening, you won’t fear them anymore, and essentially, that’s all anxiety attacks are. It’s the fear of the feelings.

So, we need to learn how to not fear the feelings that come along with it.

I guess I’m back on my journey of dealing with anxiety attacks on a daily basis. Joy. (Not!)

On the bright side, it’ll bring me a lot more content for you guys, right?

Please tell me about your tools down below in the comment section and each month, I’ll share them with the other readers.

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