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Popping Pills for Anxiety Treatment?

January 20, 2017
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Before you cash in that prescription for anxiety medications, you need to rethink the decision to do so. While deciding to take drugs may seem like an easy one to make, it should never be underestimated because as soon as you pop that pill your entire life – and panic disorder will change.

Using prescription drugs to treat mental illness is an entirely different story in itself. Today I share with you my opinion on anxiety medications. In no way do I think anxiety medications should be forbidden. However, I do think the decision to take anxiety prescriptions is one that needs to be thoroughly thought about because it will change you. There are side effects. There are symptoms, and there is your future. The medication plays a role in the future when your body is ready to come off of your medications.

Now, it’s easy to think that you’ll never have to come off of them if they work. However at some point, you will. The point of medications is to help you at this time. They aren’t a lifelong answer to your mental illness. Your body will become susceptible to your dosage and you will need to raise it. At one point, there won’t be a higher dosage for you and then what? These are the kinds of things you need to think about before heading to the pharmacy.

Things to Consider before Taking Anxiety Medications

I break it down for you in this video.

In this video,  I discuss the ins and outs of anxiety medications. The video covers topics such as;when they should be taken; when they should be avoided and much more. It’s also crucial to understand that not all drugs are created equally. There are some that are highly addictive that should be avoided at all times – in my opinion.

As the saying goes,

‘Pharmaceutical companies don’t create cures; they create customers’.

So be wise about the decision you make with regards to anxiety medications.

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