Sexual Abuse

Stop Hiding The Names and Faces of Sexual Predators

October 27, 2015

I can write everything in the entire world about child abuse and invest hours upon hours writing about sexual assault that happens on a daily basis, but if I don’t have a proactive approach to actually make a difference in this world, I don’t feel like my career as a freelance writing and goal is complete. With that said, I have started a new journey to further help the current child abuse victims and hopefully reduce that number altogether.

Please sign my child abuse petition.

Many of you may be shocked to learn that the Canadian National Sex Offender Registry is not public because in the United States, it is. Actually, let me correct that. The United States basically puts sexual predators on blast, and I praise them for that. You can type something into an online search engine and pull up a map of how many sexual offenders are in your area, the names of these individuals, along with their picture, type of crime, address and much more.

Some may argue that these sexual offenders who have committed child abuse and sexual assault deserve a second chance and shouldn’t have this information put online, but we need to disagree.

Instead, if child predators know that this information will be available for all to see online, maybe they won’t need a second chance because they won’t do it in the first place.


More importantly, I believe that the Canadian national Sex Offender Registry needs to be made public so that the public can be aware of potential danger. From my specific situation, if the man who was convicted of sexual assault on a minor didn’t have the opportunity to hide who and what he truly was, A) there wouldn’t be a family battle over it right now and B) people could have protected their children better.

If you don’t know if someone is a sexual offender, you have no reason to disallow your child from having a sleep over at their house with their friends, or allowing this person to have access to family functions with children around, or to attend a little child’s birthday party at the local amusement park. However, these are things that every parent; every sexual assault victim and the majority of the nation wants to know. Why wouldn’t we want to know if a sexual predator was standing beside your little one?

It’s when you don’t know of the potential danger that something happens, and this is exactly why we need to petition to allow the Canadian National Sex Offender Registry to be made public.

We deserve to know who we live beside, who has access to our children, who lives in the area that has a criminal history of child abuse. We deserve it. It is going to take a lot to actually be able to present this petition, so please take the time to sign and share it with your friends and family. Together, we can protect child abuse and sexual assault victims before it even happens. 

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