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12 Valuable Tips I Learned from Stronger Than Anxiety Program

June 14, 2017

Stronger Than Anxiety is a leading program for natural anxiety treatment. It’s an online program you download and complete at your own pace. Since I know how expensive therapy and counseling sessions are, I wanted to provide an affordable option of treatment for anxiety that everyone can take advantage of.

Throughout the Stronger Than Anxiety program,  you learn valuable tips on how to strop panic attacks and general anxiety naturally. The program provides you with an in-depth look at understanding anxiety, which I believe to be the key to curing it.

You also learn several anxiety tricks, how to deal with panic attacks and general anxiety, agoraphobia and setbacks. This is important because we all have setbacks which can be detrimental to your progress.

Additionally, the Stronger Than Anxiety program teaches you how to deal with your fear of what other people will think, irrational thoughts, how to face your fears and so much more. To give you a better understanding of the value of the Stronger Than Anxiety program, here is my list of the most valuable lessons I received from the program.

12 Valuable Tips I Learned from Stronger Than Anxiety Program


1. Amygdala is the body’s “anxiety switch”

This little part of your brain is what’s responsible for triggering the flight or flight response, which sends you that rush of adrenaline you fear so much. It’s also the reason you have a hard time forgetting bad experiences in the past. It holds onto the when, where, how’s of your last panic attack, which makes you more fearful moving forward in similar situations.

2. You can’t rationalize with your Amygdala anxiety switch

If you’ve ever tried to rationalize your fears, you likely didn’t see an improvement. That’s because the Amygdala doesn’t learn through rationalization but rather, through experience.

3.  You have to expose yourself to the fearstronger than anxiety, stronger than anxiety review, stronger than anxiety program, treatment for anxiety, anxiety tips, overcoming anxiety, panic attacks,

In order to control your anxiety switch, you have to expose yourself to the fear. You have to show your Amygdala there’s nothing to worry about.

4. Stress drastically affects your anxiety disorder

Your body responds to physical and mental exhaustion. When you’re under stress for long periods of time, anxiety spikes, which is why it’s crucial to learn how to meditate.

5. A panic attack is uncomfortable but not dangerous

This is a powerful message we can all learn from. An anxiety attack is nothing more than discomfort for a short while.

6.  Anxiety confuses danger with body sensations

Whether it’s heart palpitations, dry mouth, nausea or other sensations you feel in the midst of an attack, your anxiety is tricking you into thinking “danger”. This triggers your fight or flight mode – the massive amount of adrenaline that sends you into an attack. Your anxiety is simply confusing danger with your body’s sensations.

7. The more you resist, the more anxiety you’ll experience

As mentioned, exposure to your fears it the key to overcoming anxiety. As such, the more you try to protect yourself or resist the fear, the more anxiety you’ll experience.

8. You have to be willing to feel the fear

The saying goes, ‘feel the fear and do it anyways’. People often ask how I deal with anxiety and it’s exactly that – I don’t let it decide what I do or how I’m going to live my life. I don’t let it control my schedule.

9. You have to break the loop

The Stronger Than Anxiety program calls it the anxiety loop; I call it a vicious cycle. It’s what every anxiety sufferer can relate to – worrying about a situation, reacting, panic, continued panic over that situation which leads back to the initial worrying. Well, you have to break the cycle.

10. Fighting or suppressing an attack means you fear it

This is an important anxiety tip because the only way to overcome anxiety is to accept it. You may think you are accepting it. However, if you’re still fighting or suppressing the sensations, you’re still fearing it. You need to face the fear, accept the fear, and overcome the fear.

11. Recovering time varies per person

Everyone can overcome anxiety with the Stronger Than Anxiety program. However, it’s important to remember that everyone heals differently. The time it takes for you to recover often depends on how long you’ve been suffering. The longer you’ve had anxiety, the more fear you have built up inside of you.

12. It is not the place or situation but rather, your attitude

Wow. I couldn’t have said this better myself. This sums up the cure to anxiety attacks.

…And that’s only 12 of the things I learned from Stronger Than Anxiety. This list could have been significantly longer but I didn’t want to deter you from overcoming your fear. This program is affordable and effective.

I can honestly say, after years of counselling, the eBook sums up everything I’ve paid thousands of dollars for. You also get a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee but you won’t be using it. Trust me.

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