“This is where you are now, but this isn’t where you have to be in the future.”

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To some, I’m just a girl online but to others, I am a source of motivation, strength, encouragement, and hope.

To some, I may look normal on the inside, but to others, they know the severe struggle I’ve had with anxiety since I was 7-years-old.

To some, my family seems perfect but to others, they know that I grew up with a pedophile in the family who victimized my sister. To this day,  others within the family continue to blame her and her siblings for what happened.

To some, my family seems happy, but to others, they know that my brother has struggled with chronic depression and suicidal thoughts (and attempts) for years.

On the outside, we look “normal”, and that’s why I started the Anxiety Gone project.


You are not alone.


Anxiety Gone is a project I started in hopes of ending the stigma attached to mental health, but more importantly, to help those suffering.  Many people have a preconceived notion of the type of people who suffering from anxiety, depression, suicide, sexual abuse, etc. and the reality is that is can happen to anyone. In fact, it does. Mental illness does not discriminate.

Together, we can live a stronger, better and brighter life if we just take the time to understand ourselves, our illness and those around us.

When I’m not writing on Anxiety Gone, I am a fashion writer on my fashion blog The Luxe Maven. I’m also a freelance writer, published author, award-nominated writer, former Youtube star, model and so much more.

In other words;

if I can do it, you can do too.