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The Fear That Follows Child Abuse

October 27, 2015
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At the end of last year, I did a child abuse awareness video about having a pedophile in the family who had victimized my sister. This child abuse video was done to show children and even adults that it is okay to speak up and no longer suffer in silence with the constant thought of what happened to them in their mind. I did the video to show people, just like you, that you no longer have to fear the “what ifs” and “what will happen’s” of sharing your story.  The truth is though, I now fear myself.

Being served with legal papers, threatening to pursue action if I continue to speak about the situation has done everything to me that I am aspiring to change. 

I fear what those family members will do if I continue to speak.

But that isn’t going to happen any longer.

I am, once again, lawyering up and gathering all the medical records and legal documents from the court case of this individual being convicted of sexual assault, and will speak about everything that I choose. With proof of the frequent child abuse, which family members sided with the perpetrator and other information about the sexual assault, there is no way certain people can try to sue me for false claims when proof is in the pudding paper.

This actually brings me to another topic – Here I am, sitting with a lawyer’s letter with the names of 5 family members claiming that the accusations I made are false. The thing that really sets me off about that is the person they’re protecting by serving these papers was convicted – and they know it. All of the claims they are making against me are utterly false, when they know the ones I have made are fact.

Ever since I decided to raise awareness about child abuse, my sister has taken the wrath from said family members because, well,  she is the victim. She is the one who was molested, so she is the one being scrutinized for it being made public. She has always maintained a very good and healthy relationship with the widow of the pedophile, who has now completely turned her back on my sister. Why? I was the one who did the video to RAISE AWARENESS THAT THIS EXACT THING IS HAPPENING TO OTHER CHILDREN but somehow, the person closest to my sister has not only shown up at her house to literally sit 2 feet in front of her to interrogate her and tell that she didn’t have breasts so she couldn’t have been molested (read about that here), and to basically accuse my sister of asking for it by asking her why she was even in the man’s bed.

I am tired of what they’re doing to my sister. I am fighting it because this is the sole reason why so many children out there don’t speak. They have the fear being put into them that they will lose their family, or that no one will believe them, or that people will hate them. Everything that is happening to my sister right now, the only real victim of this entire ordeal 19 years ago and even today, is all the courage I need to move forward.

  • She has nothing to do with the video of child abuse within my family.
  • She is the ONLY victim here.
  • The family all know it; he was convicted.
  • Even if my sister wanted to do a video, she could! She has every right to no longer suffer in silence because of bully and threats from people like this.
  •  She lost her relationship with the widow and other family members because she was molested… That’s what it comes down to.


That’s the bottom line.

What is happening to my sister right now isn’t going to happen any longer;

not to her, not to other children, and not to anyone suffering from child abuse.

It is important to always remember that people like this aren’t needed in your life. It is absolutely inhumane for people, especially family members, to punish the victim for being molested, and for finally speaking up.


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