Sexual Abuse

Is It Sexual Assault…?

February 27, 2016
child abuse, emotional abuse, domestic violence, sexual assault, sexual abuse

There are a variety of different forms of child sexual abuse, and many times, people may not know that they are actually a victim because they didn’t experience that of the extremity such as rape. Here is a breakdown of what kind of child abuse should be considered sexual assault.

It is important to remember that all child abuse is wrong, whether verbal, physical. on clothes, under clothes etc. It is all worth reporting. 

Verbal Sexual Advances

If someone were to make verbal slurs that are sexual, this can certainly be considered child sexual abuse. It’s sexual harassment, and it would be

sexual assault, child abuse, emotional abuse

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no different if your boss were to make a sexual pass to you at work. However, things such as calling an employee “honey” or “babe” can be considered sexual harassment at work but I don’t believe this to be the same case for child abuse. Of course, it depends on the circumstances. If a child is being called such words in a  way that is with sexual intent or attraction, then it could be considered verbal sexual assault. An example of this would be something like, “You’re so hot for your age, honey.” Again, it depends on the circumstances and I think it would have to progress to more direct comments, but an adult saying that to a child is inappropriate as it is.

Sexual Assault Above Clothes

Often times, people believe that if they were not physically touched; skin-to-skin, then it isn’t child sexual assault. This is false. If someone is touching a child sexually on their private parts, whether on top of clothes or underneath, it is definitely sexual assault. This might be where the child abuse starts, and if not reporting, could elaborate to the following.

Sexual Assault Under Clothes

From personal cases that I have heard from child abuse victims, the touching began above clothes and eventually furthered and turned into skin-to-skin touching. One of my family members was often turned around and hugged by an older man, where he would proceed to grope her breasts. This happened on a frequent basis until he eventually went under her clothes.

Sexual Child Abuse Involving Sexual Activity

sexual assault, child abuse, emotional abuse

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Sickening to talk about, sexual child abuse can even be when the child is forced into sexual activity, whether it is physical touching and/or penetration, oral on or from the victim, or rape. I won’t further on this topic as it is fairly well known that these are absolutely forms of sexual assault.

As mentioned, every single type of child abuse is wrong. It doesn’t matter whether it was “just over the clothes” or “only happened once”. One time is more than enough. Reporting sexual assault is vital to the child’s self-healing, and to also prevent the perpetrator from going on and sexually abusing more children.

If you think you have been a victim of child abuse; never ever try to justify it or let someone convince you that it wasn’t what you think it was.

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