Make These Changes To Instantly Decrease Panic Attacks

March 13, 2015
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As someone who suffers from anxiety disorder, I understand the desire to have an immediate fix for panic attacks. Although this is highly unrealistic and we can’t snap our fingers to stop panic attacks, we can definitely make changes to our daily lives that will instantly make us feel better as we learn more on how to cope with anxiety.

Panic attacks, anxiety disorder, how to deal with anxiety

For instant relief from panic attacks and anxiety disorder symptoms, you can make changes within your lifestyle.

Exercise Will Significantly Decrease Your Panic Attacks

I must tell you, there is nothing like kicking the shit out of your anxiety disorder by working out. When I feel the most anxious or upset, I do an intense exercise regime that allows me to literally feel like I am beating up my panic attacks. It is such an incredible feeling – even if you don’t enjoy working out. Approach exercise as just that – kicking the shit out of anxiety. You will feel fabulous.

For other days, the simplest forms of exercise will significantly decrease your panic attacks and symptoms. One of the most important things that you can do to learn how to cope with anxiety is to work out daily for at least 20 minutes. Yoga certainly has its benefits for panic attacks specifically because it focuses on relaxation and calms you down.

Eating Healthy Will Decrease Your Anxiety Disorders

When I was eating more carbs that I ever have before, my panic attacks were at their worst. Carbohydrates (potatoes, breads, pastas, etc) are known for causing an increase in symptoms of anxiety disorder. It has something to do with the sugars and I will be talking about this in another blog post.

Aside from decreasing your carbs, obtain a healthy diet and stick to it. Eating healthy instantly boosts your mood, and with that, you feel better and have decreased panic attacks and symptoms. Learning how to cope with anxiety can be as simple as learning how to eat properly.

Stick with veggies, fruits, and red meats. 

Stay Away From Toxic People and Negative Situations to Decrease Panic Attacks

The easiest way to keep your anxiety disorder around and worsening is to keep yourself in a negative state of mind. Get rid of toxic people in your life, and steer clear of negative situations. Maybe your boyfriend or girlfriend puts you down, or your friends gossip about you. Maybe you have a negative work situation or an awful boss. Get rid of them. They are making it worse for you. While you should never quit your job before finding another, you must understand that you can’t control anyone other than yourself. There is no time for toxic people, relationships, and situations.

Ain’t nobody got time for that!

These 3 lifestyle changes will instantly provide relief from panic attacks while you continue to learn how to cope with anxiety.

Have you recently made a change in your lifestyle that drastically decreased your symptoms of anxiety disorder? Share your knowledge in the comment section below.

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