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The Beginning of my Panic Attacks

April 30, 2013
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I have been dealing with anxiety for so long, that it is hard for me to remember when my panic attacks started. However, anyone who suffers from panic attacks knows that it is damn near impossible to completely forget how it all came about. So today on my anxiety blog, I wanted to share with you my personal experience and how this continuous battle of nerves started.

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When I was Seven

I was seven years old a very long time ago, but what I do remember is how my panic attacks started. It was at Burger King, and for some reason, I had thrown up my entire meal. I can’t remember exactly what happened yet, or if my parents were embarrassed or what, but I developed this fear of throwing up, specifically when eating. ‘Til this day, I still find myself dealing with anxiety, specifically based around eating around people and in public. This is my main trigger for panic attacks.

Had a Break

Sometime in high school, my panic attacks seemed to lighten up a bit, and I found myself doing more things that I ever had before. I was eating out in restaurants with my friends and family,  and didn’t experience a panic attack for what felt like years. It was amazing. I even remember telling my classmates about them when we were having a mental health discussion. I was talking in past tense, and never did I think that I would be thrown back into the mix of dealing with anxiety again.

Back Forever

As any anxiety sufferer knows, one small feeling of a panic attack can immediately throw you back into what feels like a turmoil of attacks. This is what happened, and the fear began to build, and I came to the conclusion that you are never completely over your panic attacks. It has to do with dealing with anxiety, and over the years and course of this anxiety blog, you will learn that once you have the tools to overcome and accept the feelings, anxiety will no longer be feared and you will be able to calm yourself down if those feelings arise again.

Throughout the years of dealing with anxiety, I have learned what works, what doesn’t, what triggers, what each feeling and sensation means, but more importantly, I have learned that everyone is different and that many options need to be explored in order to find the tools that work for you. This anxiety blog will tackle it all.

Comment below and tell me about your first anxiety attack. 


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