Why Decaf Saved my Life with Panic Attacks

October 13, 2015
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We all know that caffeine is not suggested when you experience panic attacks, but what you may not know about treatment for anxiety may surprise you.

Doctors often say just that;

decrease your caffeine intake to reduce panic attacks

But, they rarely tell you that eliminating it completely can be the key to treatment for anxiety. There have been countless times where a doctor or an article about anxiety natural remedies that I’ve read has said that ‘a coffee a day is okay’.

Let’s pull up the parking break right now. By hearing this from a professional, as an anxiety sufferer, you immediately think that a coffee a day is okay and that one coffee is not causing you to have panic attacks or feelings associated with them. You think that you can still have a coffee a day because the results would be the same as if you weren’t having any at all, so why wouldn’t you at least have one a day, right?

You also believe this because even if you don’t have a coffee for a couple of days, nothing really changes in regards to a decreased feeling of anxiousness.

The truth was only discovered when I actually, totally, eliminated caffeine out of my diet. Yes, even that allowed coffee a day.

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Since it is getting chillier around here during this time in Canada, I really struggled with eliminating that warming cup o’ joe, so I switched to decaf. What’s the point, right? Well, it still gave me that happiness that I receive from wrapping my fingers around a warm Tim Hortons coffee while the snow falls outside my frosted windows, and it eliminates the caffeine.

There are small traces of caffeine in decaf, and I am sure other amounts can also be found in other food items that I eat, such as chocolate, but for the most part; I am living a caffeine-free life.

It was the smartest decision I’ve ever made.

It was such a good decision that I actually fear putting any caffeine into my diet, but it’s a good kind of fear.

My panic attacks have been non-existent since, and of course, I still think “what if” I have anxiety but I actually haven’t even had symptoms arise – even in situations that often cause me to be an anxious-ridden lady.

It may not be the ultimate treatment for anxiety, but it has definitely helped and I believe that eliminating caffeine completely is the key to achieving natural anxiety remedies.

I have been living without caffeine for about a month and I already swear that this is the key. Drop it and start enjoying the taste of decaf. The feelings and decrease in anxiety will be astonishing to you. Plus, you might as well give it a shot, right?

How much caffeine do you typically have in your diet and do you notice the anxiety symptoms that follow?



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