Sexual Abuse

You’re Camping Close to Child Abuse

June 27, 2016
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Let’s say, hypothetically speaking, that you went camping at a popular family camp ground every year, and had no idea that there was a sexual assault offender that could potentially be camped out right next to you. Maybe you own a trailer and spend every free weekend there, or maybe you’ve just pitched a tent for the weekend with the kids for a little getaway. Would you still do that knowing that a sexual predator who has committed sexual child abuse has free roam of the very same park that you’re sunbathing at, sleeping in an unlocked tent in, relaxing in a bathing suit with your children, day in and day out?

No way in hell, right?

Let’s further the situation,hypothetically speaking, of course. What if that sexual predator had a camp site right near the pool, where your young kids go off to swim for the day, wearing their bikinis and swim shorts innocently, yet without you or your kids knowing the possibility of having someone who is known for sexual assault looking on… preying.

Further more, when you’re camping and enjoying your summer vacation, your tend to let your guards down a little bit. Your kids wander around the campground and run around with other little ones. You know the kids aren’t going to leave the campground and it’s a family-friendly place, right? There’s tons of adults around, so what is there to worry about? Well, what if those adults know about the sexual predator and didn’t tell anyone? What if the person at the front gate is a sexual predator and you had no idea?

sexual assault, child abuse, emotional abuse

Where am I going with all this, you ask?

If someone is a sexual predator, someone knows, whether it’s the victim or someone else who caught wind of the story. After all, you only become a predator by acting on your disgusting little fantasies. Well, how would you feel, putting your kids in, let’s say, a campground, knowing that people know someone in the very same park has committed sexual child abuse, and your child is his next victim. Would you not be mortified knowing that this could have potentially been stopped if a) the initial victim of this repulsive act felt comfortable speaking about their situation or b) whoever knew of the situation warned others of the potential threat.

If people know that someone is responsible for sexual assault, we can stop it from happening to other people.

I’m going somewhere with this story. Bare with me. Why should these individuals who feel the need to victimize children by sexually assaulting them have the opportunity to be in situations where children frequent? In the United States, you can pull up a picture of every predator that has details about their crime (respectfully for the victims, of course), their exact location of living and everything you need to know in order to be weary of them.

Now, some people will argue…

Well, if they don’t commit child abuse again, why should they be penalized for life?

…To those people, please take a moment to yourself and reread your question out loud. One time is one-time-too-many for any kind of child abuse. That’s also not to mentioned that if sexual predators know that they will forever be banned from public locations such as parks, certain areas of living etc. maybe, just maybe, they will think twice about acting on their inhumanity.

People who commit sexual assault get a slap on the wrist – and even less when people don’t let others know of the crime they committed. It is about time that these predators fear what will come if when people find out. They need to fear that the entire world will have access to their picture and location. They need to fear that their entire life will be jeopardized – even if its only one time.

Put the fear in these sexual predators and maybe, just maybe, they won’t be so quick to ruin someone’s life by sexually abusing them.

I will be starting a petition shortly in this regards, for Canada to finally take the same approach as the United States does, and I will be going to the media and proposing it to the government. Please stay tuned for that.

Do you have any suggestions as to what can be done to make these sexual predators known to the world?

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