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How Himalayan salt lamps provide natural anxiety relief

January 11, 2017
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You’re not the first person to ask, “Do Himalayan salt lamps really work for natural anxiety relief?” You certainly won’t be the last either. Fortunately, more and more studies are coming to light, proving Himalayan salt lamps to be an ideal choice for natural anxiety relief, depression and so much more.


What Himalayan salt lamps do

The world is full of technology and all kinds of gadgets, from your wireless router, smartphone, and television to your tablet, electricity, and iPod charging station. The air is full of technology wavelengths, which are known as positive ions. There are basically atoms or molecules that are electrically charged. (Thanks, Grade 10 science!)

When you go outside to get a breath of fresh air, your mind and body feels revitalized as a result of the negative ions and clean air. Himalayan salt lamps work to give you the same effects, only inside your home.  

Negative ions are produced by nature and are used to combat air pollution, which includes electronic smog and all that nonsense.  Many prestigious organizations and renowned physicians like Dr. Oz have stated how the overload of negative ions in today’s digital world is harming our health causing mental illness, poor sleep conditions and much more.

Himalayan salt lamps provide natural anxiety relief and mental wellness by emitting negative ions into your living space to combat the overload of electric smog. 


The healing benefits of Himalayan salt lamps dates back centuries

The use of Himalayan salt dates back centuries when people started to mine salt water and mineral water as a source of natural remedies for a vast array of heath concerns. At this time, the salt was mainly used to clear out the sinus cavities by reducing bacteria and germs. This worked because the Himalayan salt cleans the air by reducing the positive ions and pollution.

Over the years, the salt has evolved into these stunning lamps that provide optimal natural anxiety relief and mental wellness.


How Himalayan salt lamps provide natural anxiety relief

Now you may be wondering how all of this pertains to natural anxiety relief. While anxiety attacks and other mental illnesses are caused by numerous factors, there’s no denying that stress can make them worse. However, it’s not only physical stress that’s a main trigger; it’s also the stress within the atmosphere.

Electronic smog fogs up your living space. It makes it hard to concentrate, to breathe, to relax, sleep – you name it. It interrupts natural and healthy living. The Himalayan salt lamps provide natural anxiety relief by improving all the things in the air that plague the modern world today.

Himalayan salt naturally reduces cholesterol and blood pressure. It also contains traces of essential minerals need in order to obtain optimal health. The benefits of Himalayan salt lamps don’t end there! The salt also has the ability to naturally regulate the water in your body, which promotes a healthy pH level, helps keep your bones strong, regulates your sleep and provides mental clarity. That’s only to name a few.


On the outside, Himalayan salt lamps may seem like some gypsy, hippie voodoo natural anxiety relief. However, the benefits are supported by science. Just do a quick google search on how electronic smog affects your mental illness, and you’ll never ask, “Do Himalayan salt lamps really work?” again.

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