addiction recovery, helping an addict,
Intervention and Prevention Strategies for Anxiety-Induced Meth Use

Anxiety-induced methamphetamine use represents an intersection between mental health disorders and substance abuse. This complex…

the effects of gambling
The Effects of Gambling on the Brain and Who is Most At Risk

Gambling is one of the oldest pastimes, with a history that goes back more than…

treating addiction, how to overcome addiction
Treating the Chicken or the Egg: How to Overcome Addiction and Anxiety

Having one mental health condition to navigate, like anxiety, is challenging enough, but add in…

how opioids affect mental health
How Opioid Medications Affect Mental Health

If we want to understand how opioids affect mental health today, we need to acknowledge…

The Link Between Anxiety and Substance Abuse

Anxiety and substance abuse are two prevalent challenges that impact a significant number of people…

Mindfulness-Based Treatment for Addiction

Mindfulness-based treatment for addiction is a condition of mental awareness that traditionally focuses on using…

Treatment for Teens Struggling with Mental Health and Addiction

Being a teen is hard enough under the best of circumstances, but for teens struggling…

How to Support Someone in Recovery: A Holiday Guide for Family and Friends

The holiday season, with its festive gatherings and joyful celebrations, can be a challenging time…

Anxiety and Heroin Use, Heroin Addiction and Anxiety, Self-Medication for Anxiety with Heroin, Co-occurring Anxiety and Heroin Use, Heroin Use as Coping Mechanism for Anxiety
Anxiety and Heroin Use: Self-Medication or Vicious Cycle

Anxiety disorders affect millions worldwide, often leading them to search for relief through various means.…

addiction recovery, sobriety, substance abuse treatment, addiction treatment,
Understanding Anxiety’s Role In Substance Abuse Recovery

Anxiety and substance abuse individually pose significant challenges. When they intersect, the path to recovery…

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