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13 Hidden Messages in the 13 Reasons Why Main Message

May 23, 2017
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13 Reasons Why isn’t controversial, it’s reality.  The Netflix series has taken on a flack of heat since releasing its first season, but I’m on the opposite side of the tapes. Although I can’t say that I completely agree with the 13 Reasons Why message, I can say that I agree with most of it because it’s bang on – kids are that mean.


We all want to believe that those things don’t happen in schools; that kids aren’t that mean to one another; that your daughter or son doesn’t feel as hopeless as Hannah or that they’d reach out for help if they need it. But let’s get serious here – Thirteen Reasons Why is a hit television show because kids can relate to it.

Times have changed; bullying has changed; schooling has changed; today isn’t what you think it is and the 13 Reasons Why message brings that to center stage. The 13 Reasons Why main message brings out the truth, the reality, the lack of resources, the stigma – the things people don’t want to admit or accept. And for that, kudos.

thirteen reasons why, signs of suicide, sign of suicide, 13 reasons why message, 13 reasons why main message, depression,

But like I said, I don’t agree with everything involved with the 13 Reasons Why message. I do praise 80% of the 13 Reasons Why message. However, the 20% of the message I don’t condone is because it’s so misconstrued and potentially damaging.

This television series surrounds an incredibly serious topic. It has a wildly vulnerable audience as the targeted audience and 13 Reasons Why should have been done more carefully.

So, I decided to clear the air and hopefully answer those unasked questions children and teenagers will have after watching 13 Reasons Why.

With the theme of a new topic per tape, I will release a new blog each day for 13 days. Each day will reveal a new messages hidden within the 13 Reasons Why main message. I will only stop once everything is out in the open and creating a look at the full picture.


Here are my tapes on 13 Reasons Why:


Come back each day for the next hidden message in 13 Reasons Why main message, or “Like” my page on Anxiety Gone Facebook so you don’t a miss tape topic.

More importantly, if you or someone you know is suffering, please contact the Canadian National Suicide Helpline.

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