suicide prevention plan
How to Create a Suicide Safety Plan

Anyone dealing with depression may experience thoughts of suicide. While these feelings can be incredibly…

treatments for depression
Six Innovative Treatments for Depression in 2024

Depression remains to be a highly prevalent and complex mental health illness, impacting millions of…

The Hidden Meaning Behind “I’m Just Tired” and Mental Health

“I’m just tired.” It’s a common phrase we all hear, and perhaps, say more often…

suicidal thoughts, how to help a suicidal friend, what to do if someone is suicidal
What to Say to Someone Who Is Suicidal

Suicidal thoughts are a sensitive and crucial topic that demands understanding, empathy, and immediate action.…

postpartum depression recovery
Postpartum Depression Recovery: Can Red Light Therapy Help with this Depression?

There are times when giving birth is shown as a happy and satisfying experience. But…

overcome depression
Tips for Supporting a Family Member with Major Depression

A one-and-done negative mood may not cause much harm, but those with major depression understand…

Breaking The Stigma Associated with Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety can dramatically impact people’s daily lives, influencing their ability to interact with…

Depression and Diabetes: Understanding the Relationship and Shared Mechanisms

Did you know that diabetes and depression have a complex relationship that affects the lives…

Depression vs. Anxiety: How Do You Distinguish Them?

For the past few years, anxiety and depression have become more prevalent in conversations, and…

Anxiety vs. Depression: How Do They Differ? How To Seek Treatment

Anxiety and depression are often mistaken for one another. Both are mental health conditions that…

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