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You Have 13 Reasons to Die but a Million Reasons to Live | Secrets in 13 Reasons Why Main Message

June 1, 2017
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Start understanding the hidden messages found within the 13 Reasons Why main message by reading my intro. As you finish each one of my previous tapes blogs, you’ll start to understand the rest.



Tape 7: You Have 13 Reasons to Die but a Million Reasons to Live

If you fail to read between the lines of the 13 Reasons Why main message, you’ll see the story as nothing more than a reason to commit suicide.  This secret hidden within the 13 Reasons Why main message is going to be a little difficult for me to write. The entire Netflix series’ is all about the reasons why Hannah killed herself. That’s what it’s about. End of story. There’s nothing about the good things happening in her life or the many reasons she should continue living – and that’s where things get complicated.

When you’re in the deep dark hole of suicide, it doesn’t matter if there are a million reasons to live because the reasons to kill yourself take over. The future is covered in black clouds and the world will never continue past this one moment. Often times, people who are suffering from such severe depression don’t think things will get better and if they do, they don’t think they can wait for it. You have to remember, depression and suicide isn’t like waking up and having a bad day. It sucks the life out of you – literally – and continuing on living this way, even for another second, seems unbearable.

But, I still think the 13 Reasons Why main message should have incorporated all the reasons Hannah had to live because as the series stands right now, the show is just about death, depression, and revenge. Like I said, I completely get it but for the sake of the vulnerable audience watching this Netflix hit, they should have shown more opportunity, resources, and ultimately, hope.

thirteen reasons why, signs of suicide, sign of suicide, 13 reasons why message, 13 reasons why main message, depression, bullying, bully, sexual abuse, help line,

Things Always Get Better

Another reason why this hidden message found with the 13 Reasons Why main message has me so conflicted is because, although it’s realistic to someone suffering, it diminishes hope for those tuning in. Despite what the show tells you, things get better; they always do. Even Hannah experienced this for herself and said she would give life another chance but she never really did just that. Instead, she ‘gave life another chance’ with the hopes that absolutely nothing bad would happen and the second something did, she gave up again.

The reality is, bad things will happen; bad things happen to everyone. Like I always say, if you didn’t know sadness, you wouldn’t know happiness. You have to go through the ups and downs in life in order to appreciate the good moments. However, Hannah never gave herself a chance. She just waited for the chance to give up again.

You have to give yourself a chance

Depression is a serious illness and it’s one hell of a battle to fight. The things Hannah went through are in no way excusable but she could have overcome this battle. Everyone can overcome depression and suicide. It just takes the right resources and surroundings. The 13 Reasons Why main message completely ignored the fact that mental health resources are readily available to anyone at any given time. They never explored the idea of Hannah actually trying to get help. There was never a call to the Kids Help Line, she never told anyone about what was going on or hinted that she wanted to die, other than her anonymous poem, which brings me into something else.

Hannah’s poem clearly shows signs of suicide and depression. This could have shown the vulnerable audience that the people around you will look out for you.  Instead, the show turned her suicidal poem into entertainment. This could of been a moment where the 13 Reasons Why main message took a turn from death to prevention. In the real world, people are obligated to report signs of suicide, and in the real world, people reach out to others. You aren’t alone and you don’t have to suffer alone. Despite what the show tells you otherwise, there is help.

It’s important to recognize that there was no help for Hannah, but not because it wasn’t available, but because the show didn’t include it.

The 13 Reasons Why main message says there’s no help and no hope

Now, I know – It’s a television show, Chantal, get over it. But we have to think about the people watching the show; the people who take it as a reality. People watch fictional shows, action movies, read fantasy novels, and live vicariously through fake stories all the time. Sure, we all know they’re fake but there’s always that little part of the story that makes it real. There has to be because that’s what connects the viewer to the show.

Just think about how many people actually believe zombies exist because they watch The Walking Dead. Just as many people think their prince charming is a Vampire after watching The Twilight Series. While the majority of us can see the 13 Reasons Why main message for what it is – a fictional story, there will always be that one person who fails to read in between the lines. There will be that one person who watches the show and hears:

If you’re suicidal, you can kill yourself.

You should die.

If you’re depressed, there’s no help. 

If you open up about mental health, no one will believe you. 

You can get revenge after you die. 

That’s what the story tells if you fail to look deeper into the 13 Reasons Why main message and for that reason alone, it’s dangerous. If the directors added parts where Hannah gets help to battle her demons instead of just giving up, the message within 13 Reasons Why could have been more powerful than (potentially) deadly.

Instead, it’s all about the reasons to die; the reasons to commit suicide because apparently, according to 13 Reasons Why, the reasons to live are nonexistent.  There are no reasons to live, so the story says.

In reality, Hannah had an amazing home life, great parents, real friends, money, opportunity, resources, hope, help, love – you name it. She had a million reasons to live but the show never explored that. The subliminal message is, when bad things happen to you, you have the right to commit suicide.

Dangerous. This message within the 13 Reasons Why main message is dangerous. Otherwise, I really like the show. I praise 13 Reasons Why for bringing this issue to center stage. However, they left out some vital parts that could save many lives of people tuning in.


If you or someone you know is suffering, please contact the Canadian National Suicide Helpline.



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