Summing up the question what depression feels like is pretty much impossible. There are various forms of depression and everyone experiences it differently. However, in hopes to giving you a better understanding of what depression feels like, that you’re not alone and what someone you love may be going through, I asked my Anxiety Gone Facebook audience to let us inside their mind for a sneak peek.

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12 People Explain What Depression Feels Like

Thank you to everyone who submitted their responses to “What depression feels like”. It takes a lot of courage and bravery to come forward about your mental illness and sharing it with the Internet certainly isn’t easy. So, I appreciate you opening up your life to myself and other readers. Thank you.


“It’s like being trapped inside your own body; your body is your prison and you can’t escape. You are literally living inside of this cell that houses your organs. “

— Chantal McCulligh, Anxiety Gone


“Unbearable at times.”

— Jennifer S.


“Emptiness. Complete and total emptiness. Like there’s nothing inside of you; no heart, no emotion, no energy, no life – nothing.”

—Nicole M.

“Physical pain, day and night.”

— Stephanie P. 


“Like a daze…”

— Erica H.

“The weight is a physical reaction to all of the uncontrolled irrational thinking. The more irrational thinking the heavier the weight becomes making me need to lay down. The more laying down the more irrational thinking and sleep I think I need to escape it. Then the harder it is to do the smallest tasks.”

— Adam 

“Pain; mentally and physically.”

—Dianne M. 


” Anxiety, sadness, low self esteem, feeling mentally and physically drainer, and like it is never going to get any better.”

— Angie R. 


“…A challenge.”

— Jamerson C.

“Depression feels like death; only you’re living it. You wake up because your body tells you to, not because you want to, and you continue through every day like a zombie because your will to live is gone. You are dead inside, but your body is still alive and functioning.”

— Kevin L.  



— Karen S. 


“A complete lack of self confidence.”

— Krystyl H. 


“Helplessness. Depression feels like there is no help and no hope. You were born this way and this is the way you will live. It’s debilitating and diminishes your will to live.”

— Jacob B. 


“Depression feels like a zombie apocalypse of your life. Walking Dead? Walking alive yet being so incredibly dead.”

— Junior R.