After 13 posts analyzing the good, bad, and the ugly found within the 13 Reasons Why message, we are finally at the last tape blog. But this one is by far the most important.



Despite what the 13 Reasons Why message may trick you into thinking, suicide is a final answer. There’s no living on through tapes after you’ve passed away. You can’t seek revenge or control people’s lives like the main character does after dying from suicide.

Once you commit suicide, that’s it. thirteen reasons why, signs of suicide, sign of suicide, 13 reasons why message, 13 reasons why main message, depression,

This is where the 13 Reasons Why message will likely confuse a lot of vulnerable youths. Hannah continues to live on in the lives of her peers but this simply isn’t realistic. In the real world, when you commit suicide, that’s it. You can leave as many tapes, blogs, videos – whatever – as you want, but it will never play out the way the Netflix series did.

If you want to live on after death, there’s an important message

For those of you thinking that you can and want to continue living on after you’ve committed suicide, you’ve just realized the most important thing. If you actually want to continue living on whether it be through social media, tapes, blogs, videos, etc. you don’t really want to leave this world. You believe suicide is your answer but one that you must realize is a permanent solution. Living on is not an option after suicide.

Contemplating suicide as a solution to your problems

Fortunately, you just came over half the battle. Once you realize that you’re contemplating suicide as a solution to your problems and not because you want to leave this world forever, you can seek alternative options. Remember, suicide is a FINAL ANSWER; not a temporary solution to your problems. The following help can fix the battles you’re going through while also improving your life here on earth.

  1. Cognitive behavioural therapy
  2. Dialectical behavioural therapy
  3. Talk to a therapist online
  4. Free online counseling
  5. Counseling
  6. Download the Help Line app
  7. antidepressants
  8. Meditation
  9. Exercise
  10. Self-Love course
  11. Rehabilitation centers
  12. Self-guided Destroy Depression course
  13. Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 (TTY:1-800-799-4TTY)
  14. Send anonymous email to The Good Samaritans organization
  15. Grab some self help books
  16. Online End Your Depression course


…And that’s only to name a few options that will save your life. It’s imperative to recognize that suicide is not a temporary solution to your struggles. It’s permanent, and despite what the 13 Reasons Why message may have you thinking, you don’t get to live on.

Suicide is final.

If you or someone you know is suffering, please contact the Canadian National Suicide Helpline.